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Isabel Neves

Isabel Neves

Isabel was born on a farm in rural inland Portugal and from a young age she  loved going out to explore with her grandfather’s flock of sheep and goats. Later she moved to Lisbon and still fascinated with travelling, she got her Degree in Tourism and Travel as well as achieving her Certified Portuguese Tourism badge, becoming a National Portuguese Guide in English and French.

For seven years she worked as a Guide, a Tour Manager and a Travel Agent in Portugal until the travel bug brought her to London where she worked in a few travel agencies before joining Noble Caledonia in 2006. First in reservations and then as Field Staff Assistant to the Expedition Staff, having a very good insight into the Noble Itineraries, Operations and the Clients.

Having to return to Portugal for family reasons, Isabel continued to work for Noble, now as a Senior Tour Manager. Isabel has worked all over Portugal, World River waterways such as the Danube, the Mekong, the Brahmaputra, in the Amazon  rainforest, Galápagos and some exotic land tours such as India, Bhutan , Sri Lanka, Morocco. Although less used to sea trips, Isabel enjoys the Ms Serenissima and her itineraries a lot.


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