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Elaine Weddick

Elaine Weddick

Elaine was born and brought up in Newcastle upon Tyne and still maintains a strong connection with the area, although she has now lived in the South of England for many years.  Her love of travel started with a ‘road trip’ from Newcastle to Northern Spain in a Ford Prefect at the age of 10 and has continued throughout a career spanning 40 years and encompassing many aspects of the travel industry.  A husband with a career in an oil-related industry involved several years of interesting overseas postings. 

After a varied career, including 7 years working as Tour Manager on long haul land tours, Elaine joined Noble Caledonia more than 8 years ago and a whole new world, that included river and sea cruises, opened up.  There has been the opportunity with Noble to explore again long held favourites such as South America, with Ecuador and the Galapagos firmly at the top of that list after an extended stay in the country.  Japan is another great passion, with its fascinating mix of ancient and modern, never failing to surprise and delight.  After leading many land tours over the years, cruises around the islands have revealed yet more facets of the culture. 

Danube and Rhone tours have presented Elaine with the chance to extend her knowledge of those areas of Europe either side of their banks and beyond, whilst the land tours that are accompanied by the London Festival Opera have created a renewed interest in classical music.  Playing Bridge is what Elaine enjoys most when not working, and if travelling and Bridge can be combined, then so much the better.