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Caroline Edmonson

Caroline Edmondson

Cassie has spent almost all her life travelling in one form or another. Born to parents with Kenyan routes who had a great love of travelling, they gave her the travel bug at an early age. Once schooling was completed she trained as a nurse, a qualification that would allow her to travel anywhere in the world. She has been involved in travelling in many forms: Driving trucks across the African Continent; Adventure Holidays for school children; working for Adventure Tour companies in Europe, Africa, the Middle-East and Asia. She then took that experience and moved on to work on Ocean and River Cruise Ships as well as Land Tours. She has a wealth of experience from her travels all over the world.

Cassie arrived into the cruising industry by accident. Working in the Far-East when SARS hit China and all tours were cancelled she arrived unexpectedly in the UK and was contacted by a small cruise company asking if she would help with customer relations on board a ship. Her initial reaction was to say no, but when told that the cruises involved Norway, Iceland and Greenland she decided to give it a try and hasn’t looked back. A love of small ships and unique destinations has allowed her to expand her horizons. Working as a tour Manager and Destination Lecturer she feels that she has learnt much about the world (but still has more to learn).

Cassie started work for Noble-Caledonia in 2015 brining with her a wealth of experience from her many travels both working and independently.

Having travelled extensively throughout the world, Cassie finds it difficult to choose her favourite place. “I fall in love with almost every country I visit – the people, places and cultures are all interesting! Perhaps Kenya, as this is part of my heritage, closely followed by anywhere on the sub-Saharan African continent, but she would also include diverse places such as Brazil, Croatia, Egypt, Greenland, Libya, Syria and Vietnam.” Unfortunately some of the countries she loves are off limits at present. She definitely wants to continue to explore the world. “There is always something to learn and experience – new cultures, more history, wide ranging landscapes, fascinating animals and, of course, the people!”