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Ann Veronica Perry

Ann Perry

Ann was born and brought up in Cardiff. At school she loved geography and learning about the world and its people.  Her father’s business took the family to Jersey in the late 1960s and she still lives there.  Her travelling interest started soon after that move and she got her first job in Italy working as a hotel chambermaid and learnt the language. She later got her first job in the travel business as a resort representative. She worked as a representative, ski guide and later area manager for different tour operators both in ski resorts in Italy, France and Switzerland and summer resorts in Italy and Greece.  She headed further afield in the 1970s travelling on one of the last sailings of the Union Castle Line and then worked for a year in Cape Town for an Italian shipping company. She returned home via many countries in Africa. About a year later she went to New Zealand where she got a job with a travel company in Auckland. She returned home via Australia and the Far East spending some time in both areas. In the late 1980s she was still spending winters in ski resorts as a representative but when she took her first tour as a tour manager she realized that this was the perfect job.  She has worked for various tour operators and has been a tour manager for over 25 years travelling a lot to long haul destinations such as Australia, New Zealand and Canada plus India, China, South and Central America and Africa.   She started with Noble Caledonia six years ago and has had the most varied, interesting work on river cruises and land tours, enjoying the return to Europe and some other new destinations.