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Alexandra Engelbrechmuller

Alexandra Engelbrechmuller

Immediately after school, which I attended until my graduation of the High Technical School for Tourism – Modul – in Vienna (where I was born), I started studies of History and French. Very soon, I felt attracted by different countries in Europe and started travelling around in Middle Europe as a tour leader with English-speaking, French-speaking and German-speaking visitors (U.S., Canada, UK, France, Germany and Austria). Long term stays in England and France helped to improve my language skills on one hand. On the other, I had the chance to dive into new ways of living and culture. Although, today, I also love coming back home to my family today.

Before my first son was born, I also worked for different tour operators in organizing journeys. In 2007, I decided to go back to school again to become a licensed Austrian tour guide (comparable to the English Blue Badge Guide) which I finished with the State Examine in July 2008.

Nowadays I work as a self-employed AUSTRIA GUIDE mainly in Upper Austria, which I do with heart and soul, as I can present my home country to people coming from countries where I lived. My tours are a mixture of History, nowadays culture and daily life (like costumes, economy, etc.), Nature and Art-History all presented also with a bit of humour. Besides that, I still travel through France, Italy and Germany with Austrians as a tour-leader. My main duties in this job are to make the trip as comfortable as possible for my guests, to organize local tours, to help in any way needed (shopping, going to the pharmacy, etc.).