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Life Onboard

The experience and atmosphere onboard one of our vessels is very different to that onboard the usual big cruise ships and is more akin to a private yacht or country house hotel, with informative guest speakers and cruise directors as well as expedition teams.

A daily briefing by the cruise director or expedition leader will provide you with information on the next day’s activities and for those looking for more of an understanding of the regions being visited there will be informal talks and presentations often by a specially selected experts providing you with an insight into the history and culture. These onboard staff will always be available for informal chats and to share their expertise.

The emphasis of our cruises is on discovery whether based around the natural world or a more cultural theme. Our cruises are therefore not for those who find large resort style vessels accommodating many hundreds or a few thousand passengers attractive. Onboard you will not find endless entertainment, round the clock buffets and the people management which is so much a part of today’s big ship style. Instead the atmosphere onboard is more akin to a private yacht or country hotel. A little music in the lounge or bar after dinner, guest speakers and informative port briefings from our cruise director or expedition leader. You may be exploring exhilarating and exciting locations on land but back onboard you can expect the highest standards of comfort and service.

Within days you will have made new friends in the open-seating restaurant, on the small-group shore excursions or whilst relaxing in the comfortable public areas onboard. You will be travelling amongst like-minded people but, for those who seek silence, there will always be the opportunity to relax in a secluded spot on the sun deck or simply relax in your well-appointed cabin.

There are no strict dress codes, formal nights or pre-allocated seating during our cruises. Join different people each evening and discuss the day's adventures. Listen to presentations from our onboard guest speakers, explore the sites with our expert local guides and whenever possible we will also ensure that you have some time to discover the destination independently if you wish. Furthermore, and in the more popular ports or small towns we endeavour when planning our itineraries to try and build in time to the schedule to allow us to remain in port into the evening, allowing time for an after dinner stroll and the opportunity to soak up the atmosphere once the passengers from the big ships have departed.